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Patrons Stand up When National Anthem Was played in the Restaurant! #KitaAnakMalaysia

Photo credit to FB


In conjunction with our 63rd Merdeka day, ” The chicken rice shop” sharing a video on their Facebook page last friday, to see public responses on national anthem besides official gatherings or events.

Credit : FB

The 1:35 minutes footage showed patrons who were having their meals in the restaurant, all standing up to show their respect even some patrons are still on the phone when the national anthem was played out of sudden.

The video also concluded that no matter where we are, most Malaysians are patriotic. I couldn’t agree more..¬†

Lagu Negaraku biasanya dimainkan ketika perhimpunan atau upacara rasmi. Apakah reaksi rakyat Malaysia semasa lagu…

Posted by The Chicken Rice Shop on Khamis, 27 Ogos 2020

Netizens feeling grateful that most citizens are patriotic, most of them are moved by the patrons’ act of standing up to show their respect.

Yes ! We Redchili are proud to be Malaysian too! #  Kitaanakmalaysia 

Info via FB