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People Are Getting Fired Up And Mad For Touch N Go Incompetence!

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As we all know, if we use the highway, we will have to pat the toll fee. To make it easy, people would use Touch N Go and Smart Tag. With the new release of RFID, it seems like things are made easier for people. Is it? This person garnered over 16K retweets and 16K likes after he shared why Touch N Go(TNG) is the worst and troublesome system.

He shared that if you have to top-up your Touch N Go card, you will charge 50 cents. There is a top-up location without charge but it is very hard to find.

If you want to top-up, the Top-Up Touch N Go machine is always broken. If not, offline. This is very troublesome as people sometimes it can cause a problem for those who in desperate need.

You also can only top up with even numbers like RM10, RM20, or RM50. If you are thinking to top-up with odd numbers like RM30, you will be charged 2 times because the procedure is they have to top-up 2 times.

Even though Touch N Go has an application called E-Wallet, you cannot use it to top-up via online.

You also cannot top-up at the highway toll now. If there is a problem like lacking credit, you have to risk your life and cross the busy road to top up at the kiosk.

Netizen’s Response

▼What is the point of having a big sign and having a worker in the booth?

▼Seems like people are complaining about the RFID for not being doing a great job~

▼Credit card seems less burden than the TNG~

▼Who said only a bank card and credit card have expired date? TNG also have ~

▼If you thinking about refunding your TNG card, think again~

▼If you are thinking you can sync your E-wallet and TNG card, the answer is most likely no~

Well, let’s us all hope that TNG can upgrade for better~

Info via Twitter