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Red Madza Found It’s ” Twin”, With Same Car Plate and Road Tax ?!

A group of photos were circulated online where a red Mazda from Johor found it’s ” Twin”.

The story began where the owner of the red Mazda from Johor received police summons and those location mentioned was somewhere he never been, reported by China Press.

Credit: China Press

Following the leads from those summons, he surprisingly found a car in Bangi, Selangor which is exactly the same like his car. Exactly the SAME in terms of colour, car brand, model, car plate number as well as road tax.

Credit : China Press

The owner of the red Mazda ( gentlemen in red shirt and jeans ) initially suspected it’s a cloned car.

However, police findings showed the car was not a cloned car but a lost car from Kuantan and the car will be towed to Kuantan for further investigation.