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Schoolboy Slapped by Mother Jumps From 5th Floor ” I’m Returning the Life You Give me To You”

Photo credit to China Press

A tragedy happened in a secondary school in Wuhan, China where a 14-year-old schoolboy slapped by his mother in front of his schoolmates. He was standing quietly for 3 minutes, with a thought ” I’m returning the life that you gave to you”. he jumped off from 5th floor to death.

According to China Press, this 14-year-old schoolboy with the surname Chang was playing poker with his schoolmates at the school corridor. The mother was then called to the school. Chang was punished standing at the corridor for his wrongdoing.

Credit : China Press

The mother was angry when she reached the school. She confronted him on the spot even though there were students and teachers at the corridor. At one point, she slapped his boy.

The mother was then asked to go by someone(maybe a teacher or a parent). The boy was standing quietly for around 3 minutes and jumped off from the 5th floor to end his life. Schoolmates around couldn’t able to stop him as things happened just within a few seconds.

Credit : China Press

The boy was immediately rushed to the hospital. However, he was pronounced dead at 9 pm.

Police and the education department are taking charge of this incident. When it was on the headlines of the newspaper. Netizens’ comments are on two extreme ends.

Some criticized the boy and commented, ” Kids nowadays are so fragile”, ” Kids nowadays can’t even take this kind of stress”, ” parents just beat and scold him and he couldn’t take it”, ” How can this boy just jump off without thinking of his parents, so selfish”

Credit : China Press

However, some netizens also put themselves in the shoe of the boy, parents should take care of kids’ feeling in the public, shouldn’t scold or slapped him in front of his schoolmates.” Slapping a 14-year-old boy in front of the schoolmates, maybe the girl he likes is there, this mother never been a young girl, never been through stages of puberty ?”, ” Slapping your boy for such a small matter? Slapping him in the school to show the teachers you did your job as a mother? This makes your kid’s heart sinks”

Parenting is always not easy.. People, what do you think?

Info via China Press