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Student Returned To University Dorm Shocked By Pet Tortoise Become Skeleton!

Photo credit to reddit | Youtube

After 8 months of lockdown in Wuhan, a student come back to his dormitory and was shocked to find his pet, tortoise dried up as a skeleton on the balcony. The story was shared via the Chinese platform of TikTok, Douyin under the username “Tricking1998”.

Credit: Youtube

The university student, Lin Bu Xiu, left his dormitory in central China’s Hubei Province to visit his hometown of Taiyuan, northern Shanxi Province, for a winter vacation on January 12. He, at first, assumed that he will be back in a month and left a month worth of food for his tortoise. However, due to COVID-19, the city was a lockdown and he could not go back.

Credit: Youtube

The Macrochelys temminckii or also known as alligator snapping turtle most likely died of starvation or thirst. The third-year student at Wuhan University of Science and Technology also shared that he had purchased the tortoise off the e-commerce website Taobao for 150 CNY (RM 91.36) in 2019. Not only that but he only had it for only 5 months before he left it during the winter break!

Credit: Wikipedia

The tortoise, classified as “threatened” by the IUCN, can live up to 70 years in captivity. The student then decided to keep the tortoise skeleton as a decoration. He also added that he won’t probably have another pet during the university.

Credit: Dailystar

Poor tortoise! Next time if you are going back, please bring your pet with you.

Info via Dailystar