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Taiwanese Woman Ended Her Life, Leaving Last FB Post ” My Mother-in-Law Killed Me”

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A Facebook post regarding a Taiwanese woman ended her life, leaving her 2 kids and her husband went viral lately. The post started with the phrase “My mother-in-law killed me” garnered 44k responses and 23k shares.

The post read:

My mother-in-law killed me.

In the first few years of marriage and living with my husband’s family, I was paranoid almost every day. Sometimes, I’m even naively thinking everything will be fine..

Living under stress looking at the attitude of the husband’s family is really tiring. I don’t want to die, but I can’t live anymore.

Long term verbal abuse, even only one time I said wrongly, they will ignore me and threatened me. It’s enough!

It’s so hard even I want to live normally. Thanks for teaching me anyway, It will be ok when I’m not around.

Credit : Apple Daily

Sorry, my dear husband and sons, Mama love you all. But I have no strength to carry on. Please forgive me! I admit I’m weak inside.

And my noble mother-in-law, this is what you did to me.

To all my dear friends, knowing all of you is such a wonderful thing. Thanks for going through those happy moments with me. At one point, I thought I have enough energy to escape from hell.

Credit : Apple Daily

And it’s me walking into the hell again and I knew this time round it would never change.

Good morning, good afternoon, and good night!

We will not see each other anymore. I’m finally relief.

According to police investigation, the woman with the surname Zhang, 37-year-old sharing her last word on Facebook on Aug 8 and hang herself on Aug 9. Her family only realized of her passing after they saw her post on Facebook. When they called to find out, only they being informed her cold body was at the funeral parlor.

After the news became headlines, her Facebook account was flooded with a tribute from family and friends. It was learned that Zhang worked in a bank before she gave birth to her children.

After giving birth, she was asked to stay home to take care of the children. Her sister sharing in the tribute, ” You taught me a lesson, sister! A mansion doesn’t give you happiness but love will. Some said our parents taught you well, so you will always give in and sacrifice. But you also sacrifice your life!”

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One of Zhang’s family members blamed the husband’s family never informed them of her passing, don’t allow let them touch her belongings. Didn’t even included Zhang’s parents or family in her obituary and her mother-in-law trying to delete her last post on Facebook.

Zhang’s sister told ET Today that she hopes her sister’s post in FB will give a positive impact on everyone and urged people to look into the matter seriously. Hopeful this kind of tragedy won’t happen again.


According to Topick HK, her mother-in-law told media, ” We don’t have a problem with her, I think it’s her personal problem,” While her father-in-law said they are very sad on her passing and hopeful media don’t disturb their life.

What do you think people? Will you live with your parents-in-law after you tied the knot?

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