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These Are Smart Home Appliance That You Need To Have In Your House!

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Nowadays, technology developed fast and great! Before a lot of appliances are very old and heavy. Now, the appliances are developed to be smarter and lighter. You also can connect your smartphone with your home appliance now! So, let’s see what home appliance by a smartphone brand Xiaomi that you need to have one in your home!

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1.Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Pro Global Version Path Planning LDS

Tired of sweeping the floor? Or it is hard to reach a small, narrow place to sweep? Well, don’t worry this small device can help you to sweep and mop your house! Not only that, the price is so reasonable but the functions are so smart. This is such a great thing to invest for your house~

Price: RM1,145.00



2.Xiaomi Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2 Global Version

For people who love music, you would love to blast the song right? But, good quality speakers are very expensive. Well, the Xiaomi speaker is what you need! Great sound quality, light, and compact~ The slick design also makes it look cooler and latest! The price is also very cheap~

Price: RM35.00

Credit: Shopee/ Xiaomi


3. Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan 1X Compatible with Google assistant Global Version

Since we always at home nowadays, the electric bills definitely are getting higher and expensive. Not only it provide you the cool breeze but it also uses less than 10 kWh consumption over a long period and has a voice command assistant! Such a cool fan~

Price: RM299.00



4. Xiaomi Mi Ionic Hair Dryer Global Version

For people who love to style their hair, a hairdryer is very important. However, a good hairdryer with a lot of functions is really expensive. The luck in on your side because Xiaomi ionic hairdryer is very affordable and has both hot and cold features! They even can alternate the features~ Definitely get your hands on it!

Price: RM135.00



5.Xiaomi Mi Smart Electric Toothbrush T500 Global Version

It is been proven that electric brush will reduce more plague, save for your gum, and reduce waste on our planet! Xiaomi has an electric brush that has customized features! Not only you will improve your lifestyles but also save the planet! It is worth for the price~

Price: RM135.00



6.Xiaomi Mi Induction Heating Rice Cooker Global Version 3L

You know actually cooking rice is very easy! But, it is also very easy to mess it up. No headache, Xiaomi rice cooker is for you! Its intelligent control is not only can be used for cooking rice but also you can make soup and porridge. You can connect the rice cooker to Wi-Fi, and the app to allow you to remotely control the rice cooker anytime, anywhere. No more forget to cook the rice!

Price: RM399.00



Not only household objects, but Xiaomi also are having sales in their Shoppee store! You also can get the latest gadget for a low price~

▼Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 Global Version Fitness Tracker Wristband Bracelet 

This smart band can be used for activity tracking, health monitoring, sensor, and other great features! It is only RM99.00!

Credit: Shopee/Xiaomi


▼Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Global Version ( 6GB + 128GB )

The latest smartphone can be very expensive but worry not because you can get this phone for only RM739.00 – RM799.00! It has the latest specifications, great processor, and operating system!

Credit: Shopee/ Xiaomi



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