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This Japanese Man And Trash Hero Malaysia Helped To Clean Up 65KG Of Trash In Cyberjaya!

Photo credit to Twitter

Littering can cause a lot of problems. It can clog up the drain, which there will be a flood. Pests like mice, flies, mosquitoes, and cockroaches will infest on the trash that people throw away recklessly. These habits must be stopped in order for our environment to be safe and clean!

Credit: Twitter

This Japanese man took his Twitter and shared that he and other volunteers collected 65KG of trash at D’Puzzle, Cyberjaya! He and the students from Sunway College, Tunku Abdul Rahman University College and individual volunteers from Cyberjaya and Gombak joined “CLEAN UP #48” to help in cleaning up the environment.

Credit: Twitter

He shared that in the trash that they picked up, they found many bottles, barrels, liquor glass, cigarettes, and face masks.

Credit: Twitter

Not only that, but he also said that he was surprised that the overall weight is the heaviest one that he ever got as he does this kind of activity, actively.

Credit: Twitter

He also begged people not to throw trash everywhere and use a trash can. Moreover, he also said that on 19 September, they will have an activity which is World Clean-Up Day. They plan to hold a garbage collection activity in Putrajaya (TBD). They encouraged people to join them if they are free.

Credit: Twitter

For more information about their team and events, you can check their Facebook! 【Click Here

Credit: Facebook
Netizens commented on their opinion regarding the matter on the post.

Netizen’s Responses

▼A lot of people praised the people who work hard to maintain the environment clean and safe!

▼It’s is very upsetting that people don’t care about the environment and cleanliness

▼Hopefully, the punishment will be strict!

What a kind gentleman! We need more people like him~

Info via Twitter