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This Lady Shared Her Experience Being Locked In The Toilet While Quarantined In A Hotel!

Photo credit to Twitter

Have you ever being locked inside a bathroom? How do you escape it? Well, this lady garnered over 17K retweets and 21K likes after she being locked in a bathroom in her quarantined hotel for almost 24 hours!


The story begins as she shared the bathroom door has a bit of a problem, which resulted in her being locked inside the bathroom for almost 30 minutes. However, she managed to escape. After the incident, she didn’t think much of it. So, that day, after watching the television, she went to take a bath around 10 pm. Done taking a bath, she tried to open the door but she was locked!

Credit: United locksmith

The handle becomes a bit lose. She tried to push it up and down or even push the door, it still won’t budge! She makes a plan by trying to pry open the door. Then, she found a para from metal. So, she tried to pry open the door and suddenly she remembered that if the door broke, she has to pay for it. She tried to think another way.


She knows the time by the sound of the television, it’s 12 pm because of the nightline. She tried to check the ceiling but she gave up at first because it’s too dark and she scared of ghosts .so she ends up sleeping on the toilet seat. But, she was so scared of ghosts that she could not sleep properly. She also overthinks a lot during her time in the toilet.


During the time when they give food, she tried to scream for help when they ring the doorbell but no one heard! She even tried to get up the ceiling but there was a wall so she couldn’t do anything. She even tried to pry the door and she noticed it is made from solid wood! After that, she gave up.


However, a miracle happens. Apparently, her neighbors also noticed that she didn’t eat her food and she also didn’t answer her room phone that people from KKM decided to break into her room. She thanked her neighbors and also her friend that gives her a surprise as all of them saved her life. After that, she changed her room and check her phone. She slowly replying to all the messages and calls. The funniest thing is her parents don’t realize her disappearance. Her mother also didn’t have any bad feeling that makes her joked that if she is not her daughter.

Credit: Sclhealth

The authorities then called her to ask some details regarding the incident and she also was scolded for not taking care of herself like eating or drinking 2L of water. They also give her a packet of first aid kit for her to dress her wound.


She also showed her room location and the reason why people couldn’t hear her is her room located in between the team member access room and the emergency staircase! It is a good thing that people noticed her disappearances as she finally got rescued.


This makes me paranoid and I’m bringing my phone everywhere now!

Info via Twitter