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This Man Shared How He Managed To Save RM 9,850 In Just 2 Years!

Photo credit to Facebook

Saving is really good for you, especially for the future. You will never know what will the future’s hold. You might need money to further your studies, for vacation, or in case of an emergency like got warded in the hospital. That is why you really need to save money!

Credit: Entrepreneur

This man shared how he managed to save up RM 9,850 in just 2 years! The Facebook post garnered over 6.3K likes and 7K shares by the netizens.

Credit: Facebook

It started when he saw a person on Facebook that saved every RM20 that they found in their piggy banks and saved up RM5,000 in just 2 years. He thought it was a great idea.

Credit: Facebook

So, he tried to do the same. He saved up any RM20 that he has. But, he also saved RM50 and RM100 if he had any extra. In just 2 years, the piggy banks become so full to the point that he can’t stuff any more money. Not even a note.

Credit: Facebook

So, finally, he decided to open the piggy bank. After calculating all the money, he saved up RM 9,850 in just 2 years!

Credit: Facebook

So he said that people should not underestimate the power of saving. Even the smallest saving will eventually accumulate into a bigger number.

Credit: Facebook

So, he really encourages people to save money and also added that to save money, you also need talents.

Credit: Facebook

A lot of people were very shocked and commented on the post!

Netizen’s Responses

▼ A lot of people shared that they also still save in their piggy banks!

▼ Well, many are encouraged by the Facebook post and want to try to save too!

▼ How about securing the place for you to hide your piggy bank, first?

▼ Well, that is why the Facebook user said that saving really needs talent!

▼ Well, some people shared that they have a rough experience with savings in piggy banks though~

Well, it is good to have savings, especially when in case of an emergency!

Info via Facebook