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Up To 50% OFF! Watson Kaw Kaw Sale Is Back Again!

Photo credit to Watson

Anyone who enters Watson would take ages to go out. Mostly, because Watson has a lot to offer. Well, we have great news to share with you guys~Watson is back again with a big sale!

Credit: Beauty Insider

Well, there is a 40% off for your favourite hair care brand that you shouldn’t miss!

▼ Hair Recipe for only RM20.88

▼ TRESemme’ for only RM11.34

▼ Sunsilk Hijab For Only RM8.15

▼ Herbal Essence for only RM16.74


▼Naturals hair care for only RM18.55

▼Sunsilk Micellar for only RM21.54

▼ Watson Anti Frizz fro only M6.84

▼ Safi Shayla for only RM8.04- RM8.10

▼ Dove Hyaluron Serum for only RM18.36

▼Rejoice for only RM8.33-RM8.34

▼ L’oreal Elseve for only RM10.14

▼ Tsubaki shampoo for only RM22.01

▼Sunsilk Co-Creation Conditioner for only RM8.58

▼ Naturals shampoo for only RM14.34-RM14.94

▼ Sunsilk Co-creation shampoo for only RM8.12-RM8.13

▼Naturals Gift set for only RM14.94

▼ Pantene Shampoo for only RM13.13-RM13.14

▼ Dove shampoo and Dove Detox shampoo for only RM9.23-RM9.24

▼ Head&Shoulder for shampo only RM11.94-RM12.25

Not only that, but Watson also has a 50% off for all makeup for the makeup junkies~

▼ Silkgirl 20hr Perfect Stay Eyeline for only RM8.75

▼Silky Girl Cool Chic Blush for only RM11.45

▼Silky Girl BB All-In-One Powder Foundation for only RM9.39

▼Lo’real Lash Paradise for only RM29.95

▼Revlon Colorstay Foundation for only RM37.95

▼Silky Girl long-wearing eyeliner for only RM9.45

▼Lo’real True Match Foundation for only RM31.45

▼Rimmel Sculpture Palette for only RM16.45

▼Wardah Instaperfect BB cushion for only RM32.80

▼Revlon Photoready candid setting powder for only RM24.95

▼Wardah Instaperfect Lip Matte for only RM13.95

▼Wardah Exclusive Lip Matte for only RM12.20

▼L’oreal Infallible 24Hours Foundation for only RM34.95

▼Silky Girl Lash Prism for only RM9.75

▼L’oreal Infallible for only RM32.45

▼Wardah 2 way cake for only RM17.75

▼Rimmel Maxi Blush for only RM11.95

▼Rimmel Mini Power Palette for only RM22.45

▼ Wardah Liquid Foundation for only RM16.00

▼Rimmel Eyebrow pencil for only RM5.45

▼ L’oreal Rouge Signature for only RM24.95

▼Revlon lipstick for only RM18.95

▼Rimmel #Insta  Fix& Go 2 in 1 Primer & Setting Spray

▼Silkygirl HD Definition Browliner for only RM12.25

▼Revlon Colorstay foundation powder for only RM27.95

【Promotion Details】
Promotion : Watson Kaw Kaw Sale
Date :15-20 September 2020
Venue : All Watson stores and online stores
Terms & Conditions:
  • While stocks last.
  • Limit to 6 units per item.

Info via Watson