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Veveonah Got Cyberbullied But Her Responses Is Epic!

Photo credit to harvard | malaysiakini

We all know the story of Veveonah Mosibin, right? If you don’t know, she went viral for doing her examination on the tree to get a good internet connection. Because of the case, a lot of people paid attention to her and she even got offered scholarships!

However, being popular doesn’t mean everyone really favors her. Apparently, she also got hate comments on her daily lives. Yesterday, she shared a screenshot of cyberbully comments towards her that garnered over 1.5 K likes and 800 shares.

Credit: Facebook

In the comment, the person said that a poor person on the tree is living better now. That person also said that her sitting on a tree for an online exam is just a way to get pity from people. Not only that, but the person also accused Veveonah is not hardworking.

Credit: Facebook

Veveonah speaks out in her post to stop cyberbullying, being judgemental, and spreading hate. She savagely said that if the person is depressed, it is better to seek help from the one that the person trusts or their family instead of hurting other people.

Credit: Counselling

A lot of people come to Veveonah’s rescue and commented on their opinion regarding the matter

Netizen’s Responses

▼People are giving her advice to just ignore the haters rather than shone them the spotlight that they want.

▼It’s not like she viral for doing bad things but she went viral for her hard work, right?

▼Sue that person and get that money would be the right answer said some people

▼The fake accounts should be banned because they just give bad people the platform to hurt other people!

Don’t cyberbully people, you might get sued!

Info via Facebook