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[Video] Girlfriend Shouts At Boyfriend During a Fight, Next? Boyfriend Throws Her In The Rubbish Bin

Photo Credit to China Press

A video went viral where a man threw his girlfriend in a rubbish bin during the fight.

Footage shows the woman, wearing black t-shirt and white pants, following the man behind him and seems like shouting at him during an argument at a roadside parking.

Credit: China Press

The man somehow trying to avoid her but the woman keep following him. The both seems like didn’t found a way to compromise.

What next? The man hauls the woman up by the waist, run towards the rubbish bin and and throws her in.

Credit : China Press

After that, he turns away and walks off, apparently abandoning her laying in the bin.

The incident took place in Russia, although the exact location is not known.

Info via: China Press