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[Video]Parang-Wielding Man Terrifying Road Users, As He Is Not Happy With Lorry Blocking His Way

Photo credit to China Press

Talk nicely lah Abang.. Don’t take out the “parang”!

A Malaysian Chinese suspected not happy with the lorry that double-parked at a busy street which caused traffic congestion, stopped his car and scolded the lorry driver with ” parang” ( knife) in his hand in a broad daylight!

The incident happened on Sep 26, around 12 noon, somewhere in front of the wet market in Sungai Way, Selangor. The incident was recorded in a dashcam of one of the road user and was uploaded on social media, reported by China Press.

Credit : China Press

In the footage, the angry man can be seen stopped right in front of the lorry that double-parked at a busy road. Coming down from his car with a ” parang”  in hand. He started to scold and shouted at the lorry driver while waving his “parang”. A lady who was in the passenger seat of his car also joined him to scold the lorry driver.

When we thought everything coming to an end, as he was walking back to his car. The lorry driver came out from his lorry and walked off. He can’t hold his madness anymore, walking towards the lorry and slashed the side mirror and driver’s window with the “parang” then only went back to his car and left.

Credit : China Press

The said incident happened 200m away from Sungai Way Police station. Since the man wielding with “parang”, no one actually dare to come forward to talk to him.

After the video went viral, some netizens criticised the lorry driver for his inconsiderate act, double-parked at a busy street which caused unnecessary traffic congestion. However, some also commented that the angry man should hold his temper, wielding a “parang” is not a wise move.

Info via China Press