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[Viral Video]” BIG” Business Interrupted by 2 Fighting Men, He Says” I Just Wanted to Poop!”

Photo credit to FB

A video on 2 men fighting in the toilet went viral in Thailand. But it’s not about how fantastic the fighting skills of these 2 men, the one that steals the limelight is a poor gentleman that pooping halfway who can’t escape from the fighting scene.

Credit : FB

In the footage, 2 men can be seen fighting in the male toilet, punching each other, and accidentally break into the last toilet cubicle where a man is doing some ” BIG” businesses.

However, the men just seem don’t bother and continued to fight. Oh no.. This poor man was halfway pooping couldn’t stop the 2 uninvited guests who force entered into his toilet cubicle.

Credit : FB

The man who recorded the video can be heard burst into laughter witnessed the awful scene. This poor man that couldn’t escape from the fighting scene covered his face with both hands.

The video came with a caption, ” I just wanted to poop 💩”

Info via FB