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Woman Shared Her Beautiful Love Story, Says, “He Accepts Me the Way I am”

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Marriage is a very personal decision. Some prefer partners who are very good looking, while some go for their personality. How do you know if you’ve found ‘the one’?

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Recently, a woman received attention from the netizens after she shared about her adorable love story that clearly showed that looks don’t really matter for a happy marriage that got more than 5,000 likes.

“People around me did not think that my husband and I would get marriage but I think this is what called ‘jodoh’!”

This 29-year-old woman, Norasyidah Mokhtar, who is an administrative assistance from Gambang, Pahang, shared her beautiful love story with her 30-year-old husband, Mohamad Farid Alias, who accepts her the way she is despite her body size.

“Alhamdulilah, my husband accepts me the way I am even though I am big-sized”, said Norasyidah.

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Sharing how her beautiful love story started, Norasyidah said, she met her partner who is now her husband by coincidence in April 2007.

The fact that she ‘accidentally’ called the wrong number when she wanted to call someone else, Norasyidah said, “At that time I was in form four while my husband was a year older than me. I wanted to contact someone else but the phone number was wrong and the real ‘owner’ of the number happened to be my husband. That was how I met him”.

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Norasyidah and her husband started talking since then and they didn’t meet each other in person for eight months but she was honest about her physical appearance to him.

But he didn’t mind about that matter which eventually made them to become good friends and soon fell in love.They finally met each other in the end of the year 2007, but the relationship ended in the year 2015 due to some reasons.

Then, “Last year, he contacted me again and proposed me to be his wife earlier this year,” she said.

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Their relationship was blessed by both of their families and Norasyidah accepted the proposal for marriage because her late mother, Rosna Othman had mentioned her husband’s name several times before she passed away.

“Both of our families did not stop our decision to get married and my husband was serious about making me as his wife”, she said.

Norasyidah added, her husband worked as soldier before, so the process of the marriage is not easy as there are many procedures had to be followed, which convinced her to accept him as her husband.

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Norayidah’s husband did not ask her to lose weight as he accepts her the way she is. But right now, she is working towards her goals to lose weight. Now, her weight is 145kg while her husband is only 53kg, twice lighter than her.

“This marriage is a proof that you’ll definitely be together with someone if there ‘jodoh’. People out there who are big-sized like me, do not give up”, said Norasyidah.

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This is definitely an inspiring story for those who thinks they are not ‘good enough’ because the right one will accept you the way you are. Don’t give up!

Congratulations to this adorable couple!

Info via: Instagram | Harian Metro