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13-Year-Old Korean Girl Uses Family’s Identification Card And Flying To Jeju On Her Own

Credit : Tellerreport | Jeju air


A 13-year-old girl from Iksan, North Jeolla Province, South Korea was reported missing on Oct 7. According to the police statement on Oct 10,  the girl used one of the family member’s identification card( ID) and managed to took a domestic flight from Gwangju airport to Jeju island on her own.

Credit: Trippose

According to China Press, the little girl left her house in Iksan went to Gwangju Airport without telling her whereabouts to her family, purchased a ticket without a guardian, and went through security screening using her sister’s ID and boarded the plane to Jeju smoothly.

In South Korea, kids below 13-year-old will need to fly with parents or guardian. Gwangju airport is an airport for domestic flight as well as a military training facility. The base was normally used for training by South Korean Air Force units and US Air Force units.

Credit : Tellerreport

Public is questioning airport security check after the girl’s deportation with an ID which doesn’t belongs to her. Normally passengers who travel in the airport will get a boarding pass from kiosk in the lobby and security check will be done before boarding.

However, it’s not the first time that Gwangju airport did the same mistake. On July, a lady in her 20s also used her friend’s identity to take a flight to Jeju. However, no action seems to be taken to rectify the issue.