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70 Years Old Hard core Fan Had Her Park Seo Joon’s Birthday Party Themed!

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Korean drama actors mostly are good looking and charming so they really steal our hearts right? Especially when you’re addicted to Kdrama! Recently a netizen shared a post about her 70 years old mother’s birthday party that have Park Seo Joon themed decorations!

This hardcore Park Seo Joon’s fan is from the Philippines. According to her daughter her mother had been watching K-drama since the lockdown and Park Seo Joon has became her favourite actor! So they make a surprise birthday party that is Park Seo Joon themed for her 70th birthday!

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She said her mother also learned Korean language, so that if she met the stars she would be ready in person to interact with Park Seo Joon!

According to her daughter, since the party is during this pandemic they don’t have guest but her family and friends were all on Zoom partying with her with PSJ virtual backdrops and her mother was really happy and excited!

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She said her brother paid for the staff who setup the decorations and bought food for their mother birthday! They even have plant vase with Park Seo Joon’s face on them !

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Cupcakes with Park Seo Joon’s face on it! She said her mother doesn’t want to share these with anyone!

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The 70 years old woman said that even though she’s not young anymore Park Seo Joon makes her young at heart. We also know how charming Park Seo Joon is right!

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The fangirling not just stop there! Even her bedroom is decorated with Park Seo Joon pictures! No doubt she’s really a true Park Seo Joon’s fangirl!

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Here’s an edited photo of Park Seo Joon and her 70years old fangirl! So cute!

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The 70 years old fangirl really catch many netizens and k-drama lovers attention!

Netizens’ Responses  

▼She’s so cute!

▼Age doesn’t matter when it comes to fangirling!

▼I will steal the Park Seo Joon standy if i attend the party!

▼Someone already won!

▼I hope you’ll meet Park Seo Joon soon!

▼There’s also many commented she has to queue in the fans lane!

▼Such a loving tribute!

▼Park Seo Joon’s management should know about this!

We wish this woman a very happy birthday may your dream to meet Park Seo Joon soon can be achieved!~

Source via Facebook