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Bride-To-Be Dies On Operation Table For Liposuction

A beautiful model found her true love, they decided to tie the knot and hold each other hand until their hair turning grey. The bride to be wanted to look perfect in her wedding gown, trusted a beauty parlour without a practise certificate to undergo a liposuction procedure. She passed out during the procedure and rushed to hospital immediately, sadly she was pronounced dead not long after.

Credit : China Press

The 23-year-old beauty practitioner who is the person in charge performing the liposuction procedure for her in a beauty parlour, located in a shopping mall in Cheras, KL was currently under police investigation.

The deceased, Coco Siew, 23-year-old started her modelling career when she aged 16 and won Asia New Star Model Contest on 2014.

Credit : China Press

According to her friend, she is going to tie the knot with her foreigner boyfriend next year, wanted to look perfect in her wedding gown. She signed a liposuction deal cost RM2,500 in a beauty parlour to make her arm slimmer.

Coco’s brother, Mr. Siew, 26, told China Press, the family was informed on her sister’s passing around noon time yesterday ( Oct 17). He lodged a police report after background check on the said beauty parlour.

Credit : China Press

The findings showed the beauty parlour registered under SSM was supposed to sell only beauty products and not performing any plastic surgery. Moreover, the 2 beauty practitioner do not possess any practice certificate to perform plastic surgery.

One of the sister’s friend who was with her during the liposuction said, the beauty practitioner looked panic at one point and she realised something was not right. Immediately, she called ambulance. The paramedic trying to resuscitate her but she was pronounced dead right after she reached hospital.

Credit : FB

Mr. Siew said his sister was living on a very healthy lifestyle. He is very proud of her sister especially on her achievement.

” Hopefully my sister’s experience will serve as a warning to others, and tragedy like this won’t happen again,” he said.

Hopeful stern action will be taken against the culprits to curb unethical practices.