Datuk Seri Vida Defends Daughter from Keyboard Warriors On Her “Hip Hop” & “Bling” Fashion

Credit: Oh Bulan | Instagram


The Qu Puteh founder, Datuk Seri Vida posted a video in IG yesterday responding to negative comments on her daughter, Cik B outfit where she wore a yellow dress with a turtleneck top, black tights, sneakers and a Christian Dior Saddle bag worth more than RM 10k for a recent appearance in a Astro programme.

Credit : IG

The 1.35 minutes video was taken in her walk-in wardrobe, where she also showcase some of her luxury handbags, designer shoes as well as clothing. She questioned netizens what is the problem with that outfit. She said the 14-year-old should be free to wear whatever she chooses and asked followers to give her daughter space.

She can be heard saying in the video,  “Do you guys have nothing better to do than to bash Cik B? You say that Cik B’s clothes don’t suit her, that she needs an image consultant and what-not.

“What do you want her to wear? High heels? It’s not a question of price or money but the problem is that she has never wanted to wear high-heeled shoes.

“She is more comfortable wearing her ‘rock-style’ sneakers,” said Vida. She showed netizens bags of designer clothing that she had bought for Cik B.

She also added she would preferred her daughter’s modest sense of style rather than teen who likes wearing “sexy” attire.

Here are some comments from netizens on Cik B’s OOTD ( Outfit-of-the-day)”Hip Hop ” and ” Bling”:

▼ I was speechless when this photo showed up in my feed. I even pitied her

▼ Just be simple

▼ Fashion police, arrest her..

▼ She need a image consulting quickly

▼ Eew.. beautiful

Info via IG/ datoserivida