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DG Dr. Noor Hisham Appears In PSA Video By “Boboiboy” The Famous Malaysia Animated Series !

Credit: Boboiboy  

When we talk about the front-liners during this COVID-19 outbreak of course our Director-General of Health Minister Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham will be on our mind. Recently DG Hisham make an appearance in PSA video from the famous Malaysian Animated Series Boboiboy! The video garnered 2.7K likes and 1.4K shares with 57.8K view within 24 hours!

In this latest Covid-19 public service announcement initiative, BoBoiBoy and his hero buddies find their forces ineffective against the invading virus. But, the appearance of Dr Noor Hisham, a new hero swoops in to fight off the nasty virus and shows all how to use CAPP to really be a hero!That is where, by rubbing a hand sanitiser and instantly banishing the particles from existence, the he truly saves the day.

In the video he said “You don’t need powers to defeat the Covid-19 virus. All you need is CAPP”In Malay language, CAPP is an acronym for protective steps one should take to restrain people against the virus, which translates to Avoid, Perform, Follow and Control for Cegah, Amal, Patuhi and Pantau.

▼ Cegah- Avoid Covid-19 from spreading by informing your friends and the world

▼Amalkan- To shield yourself from illness, exercise proper hygiene

▼Patuhi- Adhere to the SOPs defined by the authorities.

▼Pantau- Monitor your health conditions when entering public places to ensure that you are free of symptoms.

The squad and our DG Dr. Noor Hisham teaching not just young kids, but everyone  the important measures that need to be taken to combat the virus.

As a closing message, the DG Hisham tells everyone that to protect one another, you wouldn’t need superpowers, you just need to exercise CAPP!

The video got many responses from netizens that amazed with the the animated series production effort to encourage public about Covid-19!

Netizens’ Responses
▼This cartoon wants to educate people about covid-19 prevention 

▼DG Hisham our hero!

▼We all can be superheroes to eliminate Covid-19!

▼We can help others how important is the CAPP!

▼DG Hisham looks younger

▼The best!

▼I love it!

▼Animated DG Hisham looks handsome

▼Boboiboy & DG Hisham is the best!

Check out the amazing PSA video that has DG Hisham appearance!

We think it is such a genius idea to make this animated PSA video because in the same time it can teaches young children to practice Covid-19 prevention!~

Source: Boboiboy