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Fake Cabinet List With Najib As Tourism Minister Went Viral, He Says” My Passport is Blocked, How To Promote Malaysia?”

Credit: Asia Times

A fake cabinet list of ministers was circulated widely in social media lately, with Muhyiddin as Prime Minister (PM) , Tengku Razaleigh as Timbalan PM, Tun M in charge of Belia & Sukan ( Youth & Sport) and Najib as Tourism minister.

The thing that tickled Malaysians is nothing about the fake list but Najib’s post on Facebook yesterday asking,” Who’s work is this?”

Following that, he said” I have been given position as a Tourism Minister but my passport was blocked to travel oversea by my neighbour, Minister of Youth & Sports ( Tun Mahathir) ”

” How am i going to do my job to promote Malaysia oversea?”

Credit : FB

His post garnered 69k of responses, 8.9k comments and close to 3k shares as of the time of writing. Most netizens is poking fun on the said cabinet list and sharing their thought who should be place in which position.

Kerja siapa ni? 😅Saya diberi jawatan Menteri Pelancongan tapi passport saya sudah disekat jiran saya Menteri Belia dan…

Posted by Najib Razak on Khamis, 15 Oktober 2020