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KFC Introduces New Cheezy Popcorn Bowl & Back With The One Box Meals! Buy Them With Cheaper Price Using These Steps!

KFC lovers here’s a great news! KFC Malaysia is introducing new Cheezy Popcorn Bowl is back with the 6-in-1 The One Box meals!

KFC Malaysia just launched the New Cheezy Popcorn Bowl! Filled with popcorn fried chicken and crispy fries, with KFC’s signature cheese Jalapeno cheese mayonnaise sauce that totally makes your tummy stratify!

The price for Cheezy Popcorn Bowl is only RM5.99!

In addition, KFC also come back again with 6-in-1 The One Box meals!

Two types of choices will be launched this time:

① The first The One Box includes: Zinger Burger, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, salad, Cheezy Popcorn Bowl and Sjora Mangga Ria drink.

② The second type of The One Box contains: Zinger Burger, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, salad, Cheezy Wedge and Sjora Mangga Ria drinks.

As for The One Box meals prices, there are 2 types to choose from:

One Box A (including Cheezy Popcorn Bowl)-Self Collect price is RM20.90 (Delivery price is RM23.50)
One Box B (including Cheezy Wedges)-Self Collect price is RM17.90 (Delivery price is RM20.50)

▼ The delivery price above does not include delivery costs

【Promotion Details】

Promotion: KFC launches Cheezy Popcorn Bowl and The One Box packages

Promotion Date: From now on

Promotion location: KFC branches across Malaysia, KFC App or website [Click Here]

Info via KFC

So what’s the steps to get 6-in-1 The One Box and the new Cheezy Popcorn Bowl with cheaper price? Just follow these steps to order The One Box meals which is cheaper than buying at the counter!

▼ Step 1: First open your Foodpanda App and find KFC, choose pick up to get an extra 10% discount!

Step 2: Choose your food or set meal, for example: One Box B!Step 3: Choose fried chicken flavor and drink, and then click ” Add To Cart “
Step 4: After selecting, click the “Add to cart” to enter the payment page! Click “Do you have a voucher?” in red font in the box!Step 4: Enter [ TAPAUFEAST ] this promo code to get 30% discount
Step 5: Then click ” Place Order “!

The original price of One Box B is RM20.50, with a discount of 10% Pick-UP+30% [ TAPAUFEAST] and only RM13.23!Step 6: There are three types of payment method, whether it is cash, credit card or online banking!

Additionally, you can also choose to order the new Cheezy Popcorn Bowl!

The original price of 3 Cheezy Popcorn Bowl is RM19.50, after discount, only RM12.58, and the average one is only RM4.19!【Promotion Details】

Promotion: Foodpanda and KFC jointly launched Pick-Up 10% discount + [TAPAUFEAST] 30% discount

Promotion Date: From now on

Promotion website: Foodpanda official website [ click here ] or Foodpanda App

Promotion conditions: [TAPAUFEAST] 30% discount-you must spend RM15 or more to get up to RM10 discount

Make sure to try out the new Cheezy Popcorn Bowl and get the One Box Meals with cheaper price!

Info via Foodpanda