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Malaysian Netizen Shares Her Journey With Covid-19 After Diving Trip in Semporna, Sabah

Credit : China Press | Malaysia Kini


A netizen, Ms C went to Semporna, Sabah for a diving trip on September and there is no Covid-19 cases in Semporna yet during her visit. However, she experienced some symptoms when she was back home. She did a test and She is POSITIVE!

She uploaded a 9 minutes 9 seconds video in social media to share her experience contracting the virus, the test, her hospitalisation and throughout the recovery period to raise awareness for Covid-19.

Credit : China Press

She took a lot of courage to share the video publicly, but looking at the surge of the Covid cases. She thought sharing her experience will probably public to understand more about the invisible enemy.

In the footage, she said she went to Semporna, Sabah on Sep 18-22 for a diving trip and there was no Covid cases reported there during that time.

Credit : China Press

” When i’m in Semporna, i spend most of the time on sea activities, all the people on the boat looks healthy, i didn’t noticed any of them coughing or flu. So, i have no idea where do i contracted the virus’

After the trip, when she was the on the way home to KL. She heard one of the bank staff in Semporna tested positive. Thus, she was worried too. To safeguard others, she wear mask all the way from KLIA to her home and do all necessary sanitization procedures.

Credit : China Press

When she reached home she told her mother that she had a risk of contracting Covid-19. She decided to go for 14 days home quarantine. During the quarantine, she will just stayed in her room. In case she order grab food. She will ask the delivery man to leave the food at doorstep and in case she need to use common area like washroom. She will wear facemask and sanitised the area she used.

A few days later, she started to have some symptoms. So, she went to a drive through swab test in some private hospital.

Credit : China Press

“The result was out on the next day, when i was told i tested positive, i couldn’t took it and cried for 2 hours. Following that i need to pack my belongings and ambulance picked me from home on the same day”

She added no one she knew that contracted the virus. Thus, she had no idea when and where she contracted the virus.

In the video, the medical staff can be seen checking temperature and did blood draw for patients at 12.30am.

Credit : China Press

She lost her sense of smell and taste on the 5th day of her hospitalisation. She tried a Shin Ramyun Instant Noodle which supposed to be spicy and she said it’s tasteless.

At the end of her post, she expressed her gratitude to the frontliners who battle restlessly with the invisible enemy.

Please people, let’s do it again to curb the spread and flatten the curve! #Stayhome # Kitajagakita #frontlinershero 


公开确诊Covid-19!鼓起很大的勇气来拍😳第一次post video而且还是这么震惊🤯的课题献丑了😳因为很多朋友很想知道,我就整理了这些问题: 1. 我如何感染到?2. 有没有传染给别人?3.出现什么症状?4.去哪里做test?5.在医院的生活6.为什么隔离14天?7. 感染力最强是什么时候?8.出院后还会不会感染别人?9.出院前需Negative才可以出院?#frontlinershero #covid19

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