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Malaysian Youtubers Jeff & Inthira Have Been Threatened, Extorting RM200,000

Credit: Facebook | Youtube

Malaysian prominent YouTubers, Jeff and Inthira with more than 1 million followers have recently put up a video on social media, sharing that they’ve been threatened and asked for SGD 63,000 (RM 200,000).

The couple and their friend Tomato claimed in the video saying that their properties and vehicles had been destroyed pressuring them pay up. Thus, they lodged a police report and created the video to seek help from the public as well as to raise awareness of the incident.

The harassment started on Sep 28, they was informed by their staff someone splashed red paint at their office. However, they thought it’s a prank and didn’t think too much about it.

Later in the evening around 6pm, Inthira’s sister told them that someone had vandalised and broken the windows of her van.

On Oct 2 late night, Jeff received a message from a Singapore mobile number with a message wrote:


“Your mother is a guarantor to a borrower on Feb 2, The debtor is now unable to pay up and still owes a sum of SGD 63,000 (RM 200,000). Your mother need to pay SGD 7,500 (RM 22,900) monthly. Tonight message is the first warning. If you ignore this message, your best friend Tomato will be implicated. Then we will follow your mother everyday and even kill her! You can call police if you want your mother’s birthday to be her death anniversary next year~”

Jeff and Inthira said that the one who threatened them somehow knew their personal details such as full name, identification card number, and address.

Few hours later, someone set a fire at the gate of Tomato’s house. A video of the incident was  filmed and sent to the couple.

Jeff denied the claim from the sender and said his mother did not be guarantor for anyone. They are doing well in their career and none of the family members have financial problems.

“This is very serious! I’ve heard that a few hundred people have the same experience this year but they let the matter go and pay them the money out of fear.

“They want to threaten me for no reason, no way! It’s our hard-earned money ” Jeff said in the video.

Picture via Jeff & Inthira Video