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Parang-Wielding Indian Man Suspected With Mental Problems Attacks Public

Indian man suspected with mental problems wielding with 2 parang attacking public. At least 2 people injured in the incident. People nearby trying to stop him, however they failed to do so. One of the man even trying to hit him with a car, reported by China Press.

According to the viral video, an Indian man in orange colour top can be seen armed with 2 parang, waving the parang and trying to attack the people around him. Some of the people can be seen trying to stop him, but he seems like losing control and attacking who ever that came close to him.


Another man can be seen driving a black car attempted to stop the Indian man. But 2 attempts failed. But around 10 people that is in the scene, criticised the man who trying to hit the man with car.

However, the viral video just ended there. We have no idea how the incident end up to be.

Some said the incident happened in Semenyih, Selangor but date and time unknown.

Most netizens hope police will start an investigations on this matter. Attacking public with parang is definitely wrong but the man also shouldn’t hit him with car.

Some netizens said the Indian man suffered mental illness thus lost control and attacking people. While some said the fight is caused by a land disputes.