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Scammer Pretends to Be Customs Officer Failed His Attempt To Scam & Got Played By This Female Police Officer! The Video Gets More than 3.6 Million Views!

Credit: Facebook


We believed a lot of people have been the victims of phone calls scams. Recently a video of police  officer answering call from a fraudster that admits himself as a customs officer on their Facebook page went viral, the post gained 3.6M views with 65.2K Likes and 34.8K Shares just within 21 hours!

This scammer just picked a wrong target, and they have been busted. Corporal Suraya, a police officer from Kedah got called from the scammers earlier then she decided to call the scammer back and took a video with an intention to raise awareness to the public on phone call scams crime.
The scammer pretends to admit himself as a customs officer from Customs Malaysia named Yusri bin Mohamad.
The scammer tried to trick Corporal Suraya that she had purchased an item from China with a price of more than RM15,000 and then were “taxed” covering nearly RM4,000 at customs department. He said that Corporal Suraya could get backlisted if she doesn’t pay.
He even tried to get the female police officer identity card number to steal the personal data! She then argued with the scammer that she may have bought that much and said it was unusual. Then, the Corporal Suraya asked for his identity card number but he refused to give it.

Then, he repeated everything and threatens that Corporal Suraya’s bank accounts would be blacklisted if she did not pay the fee. The female police officer then told that she gave him her right name but the false identity card number, emphasizing that she did not purchase anything online at all. As a result, the scammer chickened out and end the call.

ALAMAK 😱 POLIS KEDAH PUN KENA TIPU‼Biar betul❓Sumber : Kpl Suraya

Posted by Polis Kedah on Sabtu, 10 Oktober 2020

A lot of people were amazed by the video and it receives many comments from the netizens!

Netizens’ Responses

▼Good Job Corporal Suraya for this social awareness!

▼This type of video should already be on the internet since long time ago because it can raise awareness to the public

▼ Some also stated that they have friend that have been one of this call scam victims

▼Many netizens also shared their experiences dealing with scam calls attempts

▼ Sprm should investigate telco company and SCMC

▼Most of the victims are usually elderly people and retiree

▼Some also stated that the scammer is rude and pity to their victims

We hope that everyone could be more aware and do not fully trust those who are calling. Put down the phone when you are doubt and always call to the right department to double check again.

Info via Facebook