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Thai Netizen Buys Mini Rice Cooker on 10.10 and Turns Out It’s Slightly Smaller and Doesn’t Cook Rice

Shopping sprees is addictive, especially those online sales days like “10.10” and “11.11” or what we love to call the Single’s Day Sale. It is getting bigger every year where last year Alibaba generated US$38.4 billion (US$1=RM4.15) in gross merchandise volume (GMV) on Nov 11, 2019 an increase of 26% compared 2018.

According to Khaosod, a netizen in Thailand who wanted to buy a small rice cooker saw an “unbelievable deal” in Shopee, she bought it without a second thought but she was shocked and burst in laughter when she received her “mini rice cooker”.

Credit : Khaosod

The rice cooker was being advertised for only 64 Thai baht (RM8.50) on Shopee Thailand. According to her Facebook post, she said that when she first saw “mini rice cooker”, she thought it was a rice cooker to cook smaller portions of rice.

So, this is what she received:

Credit : Khaosod

Unfortunately, it does not cook rice.

However, she admitted that she did not read the description, which wrote that the item is a “1:12 model for dolls”.

Credit : Khaosod

So people, please should read carefully before you making purchases online.