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The Man in “RM460 Burger” Incident Steps Up In Live Broadcast, Let’s Hear Him Out..

Credit: Facebook | China Press

The “RM460 Burger” become talk of the town , the man who was asked to pay ” RM460+RM460″ for a burger and a drink was in a live broadcast to share with netizens what is exactly happening..

Firstly, he apologies to both the ladies, birthday girl and her bestie. The man then revealed that he get to know the birthday girl online. Before the birthday gathering, the both of them never meet in person. They just texting each other. So, the birthday gathering is their first meet up.

According to China Press, @talktonightshow invited him to a live broadcast, through the Q&A ( Question and answer) session, he said he was invited to the birthday gathering. He was thinking that was probably a good opportunity get to know some new friends. Never thought it will turned up to be like that.

Credit : Facebook

He also mentioned the birthday girl is much prettier in person than her photo. They resolved the matter peacefully after the incident and urged netizens not to attack the 2 ladies anymore.

The incident gave him 2 sleepless nights, he found it hard to cope with the stress. @talktonightshow also added, they invited the birthday girl as well, unfortunately she couldn’t make it due to the timing.