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“The Rope Snaps, My Sister Smashes Into a Rock And Falls Into The River”

Credit : Harian Metro


Mohamad Yakub, 31, witnessed the horrific incident where his sister fell with a broken back in a rope swing mishap at Kuala Kubu Baru (KKB) on Sep 27.

The brother and sister were at rope swing site for a weekend adventure. His sister, Siti Halijah Abd Rahim, 33, loves outdoor activities. She had also climbed a mountain in Negeri Sembilan a day before the incident.

Credit : Harian Metro

“On the day of the rope swing activity, she actually wanted to go first, but I told her that I should do it first and wait for her by the river,” Yakub said.

The other members of the family, including their mother, Noriah Yusuff, 57, watched them during the activity.

Credit : hotfm

“She was 10 metres up and we had a small chat before she jumped. When I turned to the spot where she was supposed to land, I heard a huge splash in the water.”

Unfortunately, the rope snapped when it’s her turn. She smashed into a rock and fell into the river. So happened, there was a kayak officer nearby the spot where she fell. Siti was rescued but she was unconscious.

Credit : Harian Metro

She was rushed to the hospital in KKB and suffered a spinal fracture. She was then referred to the Selayang Hospital and underwent spinal surgery there.

It is understood that cable failure led to Siti’s fall.

“We don’t want to blame the activity operator, and the family accepts this as God’s will,” Yakub said, adding that the rope swing operator attended to the family’s needs and took full responsibility for what happened.