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This Man Survived With Only Using Vouchers Without Using His Own Money For 36 Years !

Credit: Everyday above dirt | Yahoo 

We all love vouchers because we can save more money right? But this 71 years old man named Tonggu Hiroshi from Tokyo, Japan take his love over vouchers to the next level! For the past 36 years, he has not spent any of his own money and only survived with vouchers to get his daily necessities!

He managed to invest in more than 900 companies’ stock market and because of that he receives many gifts and coupons. On the Japanese TV show, he admitted that since the age of 35, he had been using coupons and used them for everything he required, from everyday needs, food and even his bicycle!

He also relies on the shareholders benefits to live his life without paying any money. According to him, he only uses the vouchers for his groceries, shirts, shoes, books, magazines and other everyday essentials.

The market value of the stocks he invested is around 300 million Japanese Yen (RM11.9 million) and the coupons he earns each year are adequate for him not to use any of his own money!

He did not buy a house, instead he leased a small rental unit. Every day, using his multiple “shareholder benefits,” he rode his bicycle through the streets of Tokyo.

Every year, this old man gets more than 300 movie tickets, he can watch movies at any time he wants!

When it comes to food, he faces certain difficulties because he always wants to eat more than the worth of the coupons so he would select the meals that are the same worth of his coupons to avoid spending extra!

The Japanese TV show team followed him for one day to see him ordering his meals with coupons and using his bicycle as his transportation!

Normally our wallet will be loaded with cash and card, but his wallet is loaded with coupons, letting him survive for 36 years without using any cash!

Netizens are indeed fascinated with the lifestyle of the 71-year-old man and some admitted they just want to invest in Japanese companies for the vouchers too!

Source via Sin Chew