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Tutorial On How To Download Songs On Your Iphone For Free! Just Follow These Simple Steps!

Credit: TapSmart 

The main problem that iPhone users usually have to bear with is actually when they can’t download their favorite songs on their iPhone from YouTube. But no worries here’s something that can solve this problem! Recently a netizen share tutorial on how to download music from YouTube for iPhone Users on his Facebook, and the post gained 12.3K Likes and 132K shares!

Many people have tried the tutorial and they have successfully download their choice of songs from YouTube on their iPhone!

Just follow the steps and you can enjoy listening your favorite song withou opening the YouTube app! Let’s get started!

▼ Step 1: First, open the [Settings] of iPhone▼ Step 2: Select [Safari browser]

▼ Step 3: Select [downloads]▼ Step 4: Change downloads files to [On My iPhone]
▼ Step 5: Click [Others] under [On My iPhone]▼ Step 6: After selecting [Downloads], click [Done] in the upper right corner
▼ Step 7: After completing the settings, open the YouTube App to search for the song you want to download, and click 3 dots on the right▼ Step 8: Click [Share]
▼ Step 9: The click [copy link]▼ Step 10: Use Safari to search for “YTMP3” and browse the website or [ click here ]
▼ Step 11: Paste the YouTube link you just copied in the space of and click [Convert]▼ Step 12: Select [Download]
▼ Step 13: Choose and click [Download] to confirm download▼ Step 14: After the download is complete, open the [Files] of iPhone to find the song that you just successfully downloaded!
▼ Step 15: Click to song that you want and enjoy listening!That’s all the steps you need to know on how to download songs from YouTube! It is such a simple and easy steps isn’t? Make sure to share this tutorial to your friends so they can happily download their favorite songs from YouTube on their iPhone!

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