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13-Year-Old Teen Married 48-Year-Old Man, His Same Age Kid Calling Her” Stepmother”

Credit : China PressDaily Star

According to Mirror, a 13-year-old child bride married a 48-year-old man as his fifth wife, and one of his children even same age with her. So, his 13-year-old children will be calling this same age girl a “stepmother”.

The wedding ceremony happened in Maguindanao province, Philippines on Oct 22. The 48-year-old bridegroom, named Abdul Razak Ampatuan is a farmer.

Credit : Daily Star

In the photo uploaded in social media, the man can be seen cradling the teen who dressed in a white gown in the wedding ceremony surrounded by friends and relatives.

While, in another photo he can be seen kissing the young girl on the cheek.

Credit : China Press

The child bride is the fifth wife of Ampatuan, married with the islamic ceremony. After they got married she will take care of the household chores and cares for his children from other marriages, reported by China Press.

He said he wants her to get an education and plans to have children with her when she turns 20.