3-Year-Old Kid Bitten By Poisonous Snake While Riding Her Bicycle!

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Be it venomous or not, almost everyone has a fear of snake. This 3-year-old girl had an unforeseen experience with a snake while she was playing with her bike. The parents were beyond petrified when the wife noticed that their daughter was bitten by a snake. A post by a Facebook user garnered over 800 likes and 2.4K shares when he shared this horrifying incident that happened to her daughter.

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According to the mother, the girl was playing by herself in the morning in front of their house, then, she went inside saying she fell down but she still looked fine playing with her sister afterward. At first the girl claimed that she fell down and hurt her leg, so she asked her mother to apply some ointment on it. When she was applying the ointment, she noticed her daughter’s leg had swollen but she still did not have any suspicion, in fact she was worrying if she had sprained or broke her ankle. Then, she noticed there was a bite mark and she asked her daughter repeatedly if she really did fall or not.

However, her nightmare started when she saw a snake head at the chain of her daughter’s bicycle in front of their house.

Her husband who just returned home quickly hit the snake with a wooden stick and they went to the hospital to get immediate treatment.

Under 24 hours doctor surveillance, they confirmed that she is under good condition and there is no venom in her blood and the snake bite did not affect her abdomen. Pheww~ thank god she’s fine. The expert that visited them also mentioned that, the snake that bite her was likely a mangrove pit viper.

Netizen’s Response

▼ People were reminding each other to avoid this unforeseen situation, be extra careful people! 

▼ Netizens showed the same experience she encounter when visit Tanjung Surat, Johor

▼ Get well soon girl !

This is truly a worst nightmare for every parents. So, to all parents out there, please always check on the environment before your children playing, just to ensure there is no uninvited guest that might endanger their life.

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