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Immigration Officer With Salary RM1,360 Owned Mustang, Rolls Royce, Range Rover and Audi

Credit: straitstimes


A grade KP19 immigration officer, with minimum salary RM1,360 and capped at RM4,052 ( not including allowance) owned 4 luxury cars worth RM 2 million, Ahhaa…something smells fishy here!

This officer who was suspected involving in falsification of entry stamps owned 4 luxury cars, including a Ford Mustang, Rolls Royce Phantom, Range Rover and Audi.

▼ A Ford Mustang worth RM 250,000 to RM300,000.

Credit :China Press

▼ Rolls Royce Phantom cost at least RM 1.2 million.

Credit : China Press

▼ Range Rover on the left priced RM 430,000 to RM RM 450,000. While, Audi on the right worth RM 240,000.

Credit : China Press

This is just tip of a iceberg, MACC also nabbed 50 more people under Ops Selat, which involves the falsification of entry stamps to cross the country’s borders.

According to Malay mail, the arrestees include 28 Immigration officers of various ranks, 17 agents, and 5 others. So far, MACC has confiscated RM800,000 in cash, 26 luxury vehicles, four high-performance motorcycles, and assorted property including houses, land, jewellery, and others,

Credit : China Press

It was reported by FMT that the syndicate catered to employers of foreign workers who wanted them to remain here or return to their home country.

The syndicate had two modus operandi, the first being a “flying passport” for those who came to Malaysia using social visas but were working here illegally.

The agents of the workers would collect their passports and pay the immigration officers to stamp their passports to indicate that they had left the country after three months and re-entered legally.

Credit: FMT

Its other modus operandi was “setting counters” for migrants who have been blacklisted for immigration offences.

The migrants would go to these particular counters at airports and pay up to RM6,000 to be allowed to leave the country even though they had been blacklisted from travelling.