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“I thought I’ll Be In Trouble!” Girl Shares Her Experience How PDRM Stopped Her At A Roadblock To Help With Her Car’s Flat Tyre!

Credit: Twitter

Nowadays, being arrested by the police is definitely the most terrifying thing you could happen especially in the CMCO period. If you were told to stopped beside of the road in a middle of roadblocks you might think there’s a big possibility that you’ll get a summon right? I think it’s really common for us to think that way because of of fear of getting a summon. Recently, a netizen post on Twitter garnered over 10.9K retweets and 28.5K likes after she shares about her experience being stopped by the police by the roadside thought that she did a crime but instead the police just want to help her with her car’s flat tyre!

The girl stated that actually she went out on that day to buy some groceries but suddenly the police told her to stopped her car during the roadblocks.

Of course during that moment she felt really nervous because she thought she’ll be in trouble or get a RM1,000 summon from the police! But here’s the plot twist, the police actually told her to stop at by roadside just to inform that about her car’s flat tyre!

The police there were being really helpful by helping her to change her flat tyre! She felt really thankful towards the police’s help. She said she didn’t even noticed that her car’s tyre was not in a good condition, if she does she wouldn’t have driven her car.

Netizen’s Response

▼I think this kind of story need to be viral too

▼There also people suggested that the police should be given reward for their kindness

▼Some also shared their experience of being help by police

▼Congratulations PDRM and RELA Malaysia

▼Many said that police actually have their own aura that can make the public scared

▼Female also need to have knowledge about this matters

Overall I think it is really important for everyone to always be kind and help people that are in need because we’ll never know when we will get in trouble. If we always help others, our kindness might be in return during the moment we really need it!~

Info via Twitter