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Marriage Last Only 21 Days! 71-Year-Old Indonesia Man Who Married 18-Year-Old Wife With 2 Trucks of Wedding Gifts

Credit: China Press

The marriage between Abah Sarna and his wife Noni become talk of the town in Indonesia. Firstly, of course the age gap between the couple is more than 5 decades and Abah Sarna also send her 2 trucks of wedding gifts.

The dowry included a PCX motorcycle, a new wardrobe and household appliances which cost roughly IDR 10 million ( RM 2,819).

Credit : China Press

But sadly, their marriage only last 3 weeks. They legally dissolved their marriage on Oct 30. Abah Sarna didn’t disclosed reason of their divorce. He couldn’t manage to get back the dowry that he send out including 11g of gold, reported by China Press.

Credit: China Press

According to some source, the couple was witnessed by family from both side when they divorced. Abah Sarna was forced to dissolve the marriage with Noni, because his family members don’t agree with it. Abah Sarna’s family didn’t know the girl he is going to marry is only 18.