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Michelle Yeoh Celebrate In Love For 6,000 Days With Fiancé Jean Todt


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58-year-old Malaysian superstar, Michelle Yeoh sharing a selfie celebrating 6,000 days in love with her 74-year-old fiance, Jean Todt. Awhhh.. so sweet! Even Daniel Wu also congratulate them in her IG.

Michelle Yeoh sharing a group of photo in her IG, she wrote, ” Celebrating 6000 days ❤️ and now even more to celebrate 🥂 ❤️💜 to a more united, compassionate and better world .”

Credit : IG

In one of the photo, Michelle Yeoh can be seen taking a selfie with her fiance ,Jean Todt, the former CEO of Ferarri at home without makeup and with no filter, we can clearly see the two with white hair and wrinkles.. We believe that what’s grow old together means..❤️

She also revealed her fiance sending her a bouquet of white roses and a little card with love messages to celebrate their new milestone of togetherness.

A photo of herself in her garden, she is looking good in her 58. I think she charm everyone with her elegant and wisdom.

The two have been together for 16 years and still counting. They used to celebrate their togetherness every 500 days. The previous one on their 5500 days, she got a bouquet of red roses and a morning kiss she said.

Credit : China Press

Info via IG/michelleyeoh_official