Netizens in Shock Seeing Latest Photo of Malaysia-Born Model, Mandy Lieu

Credit Sublime magazine | Daily Mail

Mandy Lieu, Malaysia-born model who was reportedly received a RM 160 million of  ‘break-up fee’ from married Macau tycoon Alvin Chau, when they ended their five-year relationship last year.

She was out of public eye for quite sometimes but now she is back under the spotlight again after being a writer in a magazine and lately she invested RM158 million on former seat of the Duke of Wellington and plans to transform it to an eco farm.

Credit : Daily Mail

However, her latest appearance in magazines and some interviews giving netizens a shock with a lot of them asking, “Is that really Mandy Lieu? I can’t recognized her at all.”

Credit : Oriental Daily

Mandy Lieu shares three children – a son and two daughters – with Alvin Chau, 46, who is chairman of Suncity Group, which operates hotel and casino resorts across Asia. Chau also has two children with his current wife, Heidi Chan.

Credit : Oriental Daily

She posted on Sublime magazine IG on Sep 24 welcomed readers to her new regular column discussing ‘sustainable food, lifestyle and family’, but it attracted criticism.

Credit : IG

Where one netizen wrote, “How could a mistress talk about family and children? Mandy, talk about something you know, such as how to flirt with a man and try to break up his family. Do not pretend to be a decent person to talk about nature, environment, kids and family. Shame on you.”

Credit : Daily Mail

According to Daily Mail, she invested £28 million ( RM158 million) for former seat of the Duke of Wellington and she plans to transform the 925 acre Ewhurst Park in Ramsdell, Hampshire into an eco farm producing high quality organic food.

Credit : Daily Mail

She explained in a Sublime article: “My own effort at rebalancing our habits has been to launch a farm-to-table business, by doing so, I hope to help show people the breadth of seasonal produce that is on our doorstep, when to buy it and how to cook it.”