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No Need To Scan MySejahtera When Refilling Your Petrol!

Credit: bharian | thesundaily

In this new norm, everyone is well aware that every time we enter a building or a premise, we must scan the MySejahtera apps. But recently, there’s been a debate weather we need to scan MySejahtera when we refilling the petrol at gas station.

Photo credit: thestar

In response to this, Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre (CRPC) has explained that you do not need to scan MySejahtera apps when you are in a brief encounter at petrol station. This applies to the situation when you are fueling your vehicles or while making the payments.

People only need to scan the MySejahtera apps when they want to enter or use petrol station facilities such as the convenience store, toilet or the surau. This has been confirmed by a National Security Council (MKN) officer according to FMT. This matter has also received confirmation from Petroleum Dealers Association of Malaysia (PDAM)’s chief, Datuk Khairul Anuar Abdul Aziz as reported by The Star.

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However, this is opposite to what Bukit Aman CID Deputy Director Mior Faridalathrash Wahid has stated previously. He as reported said, people still need to scan MySejahtera even when they do not enter the convenience store as that is how they can trace people if there is a new case occur.

Photo credit: worldtimesnews

So, to scan or not to scan? This is an uncalled confusion and stress!

Info via Free Malaysia Today | The Star