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[Part 1]M’sian Influencer, Cathryn Li Refuses to Meet Up With Man Claimed to be Advisor of Minister, Faces Accusation of “Disrespect”

Credit : China Press | FB

A Chinese man, named Carrick Tan claimed himself to be personal advisor of Deputy Communications and Multimedia( MCMC) Minister Datuk Zahidi Zainul Abidin, said he lodged a police report against Malaysian Influencer, Cathryn Li because she “disrespect” the minister and accused him being “man with mental illness”.

Credit : China Press
Credit : FB/ Carrick Tan

Cathryn Li was said posted on her IG and shared with her “close friends” that she do not know how Carrick Tan got her phone number.

Credit: China Press

She wrote,” He send me his name card, and photos of him with the minister and some celebrities without a proper self introduction then straight away asked me out for a coffee. I dislike it and never reply him. Then he called me, i did not pick up and he called again on the next day. I blacklisted him. What a man with bad manners.”

Cathyn can be seen named him “mental illness” in her contact.

Carrick Tan then posted the screenshot of police report and some of their conversation in Facebook even tagging Cathryn Li, a top influencer in Malaysia being arrogant, bad manners, faking news, defamed others, despicable.. and said he knew who is the boss at her back. Questioning her did LHDN( Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri) know where is her source of income.

Credit: FB/ Carrick Tan

On the other hand, Cathryn Li also lodged a police report against him and told China Press, she had no idea where this man ( Carrick Tan) got her contact number. He send over his name card, photos of him with the minister and some celebrities and ask her out for a coffee.

“I did not bother about him and i was thinking he want to gain my trust in the first place. But, the fact is i’m not going out to have coffee with stranger. ”

Credit : China Press

“I don’t know what is his motive. I tried to ask some of the celebrities that i knew who took picture with him but eventually no one know him, they were just asked to take a picture with him in some event.”

She didn’t bothered or picked up any of his call. Then she posted in IG where only her “close friends” can view her post complaining the man harassed her. However, she was not sure which closed friend of her screenshot her IG post and shared with him, which stirred up the matter.

Credit: FB/Cathryn Li

“He kept calling me and i felt threatened. So, i blacklisted him,” Cathryn said, Carrick then trying to contact her through different channel and using the name of authorities, accusing her “disrespect” the minister.