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[Part 2] Malaysian Girl Ended Her Life Due to Workplace Bullying: Her Last Words ..

Credit: China Press | verilymag

A 20-year-old Malaysian girl was believed ended her life due to workplace bullying. Her mother, Madam Chou told media, her daughter was verbally abused and was accused sleeping during work hours by the Singaporean boss. Even when she took unpaid leave, she was requested to return to work and end up she was fired and requested to pay outstanding tax amounting SGD 1,000 ( RM 3,000) as she didn’t fulfilled the terms in the contract.

Credit: China Press | The week

The poor girl chose to work in Singapore because she wanted to relieve her family burden and pay her brother’s school fees. She was sending RM1,000 back to Malaysia every month, on top of that she tried to cut her spending in Singapore and even got her mother new mobile phone, and new glasses for the brother.The heart-broken mother was crying everyday couldn’t accept the fact she was gone, and the father was suffered from heart disease triggered by the her passing.

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The last post on the 20-year-old IG wrote,” The cruel world had nothing to do  with me anymore”. A friend contacted her mother after seeing the post, but it was too late when the mother rushed home.

The parents found 2 letters on her table that she penned before her passing, one for the parents and another one for her brother.

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Her last words read:

✒To Daddy & Mummy,

Firstly, i wanted to apologize to both you, raising me up and taking good care of me for a good 20 years. Please forgive my sudden departure. I’m stressful but i have no idea how to release them. I’m trying my best to relieve the family burden, but i never thought it can be this tough.

I have been working hard, but i was said i never. I don’t want to fail my exam too. I already trying my best. I didn’t hit my sales target but i already working very hard to look for prospects. Sadly, no one knew. I was accused sleeping during work hours but i never did that. I’m tired..

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My job was stressful, i tried my best and couldn’t take it anymore. I was fired and was asked pay the outstanding tax. I couldn’t afford to pay. I’m so sorry that i decided to end this. Please forgive me!

I love the both of you very much, thanks for bringing me to this world and sorry i didn’t keep my promise. Please do not cry for me, because i can’t be by your side to wipe your tears anymore. I love you.

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✒To brother,

Bro, I will not be around anymore please take care of daddy and mummy. You are already 18-year-old. Listen to them,  don’t make them sad, angry or disappointed. They only left you, the only child.

I didn’t have time to print our family photo. I’m so sorry, sis couldn’t make it. I wish i can celebrate Chinese New Year with your guys.

Info via China Press