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[Part 3] Workplace Bullying Killed 20-Year-Old Malaysian Girl: Netizens Reveal Singaporean Boss Identity

Netizens outraged over the workplace bullying which led to the death of a 20-year-old Malaysian girl, Catrene Khoo. The identity of the Singaporean boss was then revealed by netizens, he is a Singapore permanent resident with surname Yaw originated from Muar, Johor, reported by China Press.

Credit: China Press

There is a Facebook page named, ” Save us from SLM Vxxxxcare Singapore”, where it’s created by a group of ex-staff from this company. Suffered and bullied by the wretched boss and seeking justice for Catrene for her unfair treatments.

The post uploaded was mostly screenshot of whatsapp conversation between the Yaw ,Catrene and also some ex-staff of the company.

▼ She was asked by her boss to go back to workplace as soon as possible because there was a lot of customers, even though she told her boss she only had a bread since morning, looking at the time, she only go out to grab some food around 6++pm.

Credit : FB

▼ Another conversation was about Catrene had dengue fever and need to take off. But, even with medical certificate(MC) she was still asked to go back to work.

Credit : FB

▼Even when she wanted to resign but the boss is still very harsh to her and said she creating trouble to everyone.

Credit : FB

▼ An ex-staff of the company also shared the text conversation, where the ex-staff can be seen asking Yao,” Why call Anny ( Catrene’s mother) ? It’s too late to apologize. Only after her story went viral and you decided to apologize?”


Credit: FB

▼ some commenters who was believed ex-staff of the company also shared their bad experience working with Yaw and one also said most people who came to work in Singapore to earn money to send back home, thus, they never voice out the unfair treatments.

However, Ministry of Manpower- Human resource department in Singapore already contacted Catrene’s mother, the related authorities will carry out further investigations. While, her mother also lodged a police report from Malaysia. Hopefully justice will be served.