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FamilyMart Launches Latest Hakuto White Peach Sofuto! Yummy~

Photos credit to  FamilyMart

Ice cream is one of our favorite excuses for indulging in a dessert that we probably don’t need ! From a melting Italian gelato to an icy sorbet, ice creams are a delicious, international go-to treat for young and old alike when the temperature rises and the summer heat burns.

Now Family Mart had launched another new flavor of ice cream that can tickle your taste buds to another level !


Family Mart recently introducing Hakuto White Peach Sofuto to their fans! The ice-cream is creamy and peachy, perfect for sunny days.

▼The new launched ice-cream sold at RM2.90, except for KLIA 2 and Genting which the selling price is slightly higher- RM3.50!

▼Some netizens just couldn’t get over the cheesecake

▼Best part is how Family Mart replied

Ok, time to bring along your friends and family for the treat ! Let’s see whether it taste better than Cheese Cake iced-cream flavor !

Source:  FamilyMart