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8 Best Food You Can Have in Family Mart!

Photo Credit to Johor Now | neuron | Rebecca Saw

Family Mart is well-known for its ice cream, bubble tea and oden.

But are you looking for the best food you can have in the Family Mart? Then this is just for you!

Credit: Johor Now

Recently, there is a thread on Twitter posted by a Malaysian netizen on the best foods you can enjoy on Twitter went viral with more than 20K likes and more than 11K retweets and comments.

The best food you can have in the Family Mart are as follows:

1. Seafood Cheese Baked Rice (RM 10.90)

Credit: Twitter

2. Mochi Puff (RM 4.90)

Credit: Twitter

3. Cheese Mochi Bun (RM 5.50)

Credit: Twitter

4. Salmon Cream Cheese Onigiri (RM 4.50)

Credit: Twitter

5. Spicy Syiok Onigiri (RM 4.20)

Credit: Twitter

6. Cottage Cheese (RM 4.50)

Credit: Twitter

7. Mini Basque Burnt Cheesecake (RM 4.50)

Credit: Twitter

8. Hanjuku Cheese (RM 3.90)

Credit: Twitter

▼ Netizens also suggested some of the food they have tasted in the Family Mart!

Now, you don’t have to depend only on the usual food you’ll have in Family Mart! You might want to try something new!

Info via: Twitter