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“Miracle Ugly girl” Magical Transformation

Make up might not heal wound but help people to live with that and that’s what Maataso,¬† a 24 years old Japanese Youtuber specialises in.

Looking at the before-and-after shots of her subjects , Maataso’s 1.5 million youtube subscribers¬†doesn’t come as a surprise. She always called herself the ” Miracle Ugly Girl” and her magical touch up dramatically change her appearance and boost her confidence. She shared her story in one of the interview that she was dumped because of her appearance which led her to the change of her look.

Lashing of concealer, lip liner, curling eyelashes, coloured contact lens and clouds of hairspray as well as brilliant contouring and the subscribers can’t wait to see her new look.

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Source: Twitter | hk01 | Youtube