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Winter In Thailand ! Temperature Go As Low As 7°C!

Source: studentuniverse | Coffeenergy CEI

It’s definitely a good time to travel if you like cooler weather because Thailand will have their lowest temperatures from late December until mid-January 2020.

Source : Straits Time

Thai Meteorological Department has announced that the temperatures could go as low as 15 to 17°C in December and January, even in Bangkok. Woohoo! It’s time to plan our travels!

Which means the temperatures in the northern and north-eastern regions will go even lower such as Chiang Rai could dip to 7°C, Thai PBS World reports.

Source: Nation Thailand

While, according to China Press Thai winter season usually starts in mid-October and lasts until mid-February next year. Meanwhile, there will be more cold snaps from China which are expected to last from late October through February. But this also means that the cold fronts might bring more rain or maybe flash floods.

Some of the predicted weather conditions are as follow:

Bangkok (15 to 17°C),Chiang Rai (7 to 9°C),Chiang Mai (12 to 14°C),Sakhan Nakhon (7 to 9°C),Kanchanaburi, (13 to 15°C),Chon Buri, (16 to 18°C) and Phuket(20 to 22°C).