Dog with Crayon ShinChan Eyebrow Caught Netizens Attention

A stray dog has been given a new home after images of its human-like eyebrows were posted online. It’s just like a real-life cartoon animal.

The cute dog was found wandering on the streets in Russia. At first the volunteers thought it was mischief of some naughty kids drawing a pair of thick eyebrow on the dog.

It was then taken to the animal shelter and they tried to wash off the eyebrow but realised no way they can do it.A vet confirmed the ‘eyebrows’ were not added artificially

Credit : Oriental Daily

Volunteers uploaded the dog pictures for adoption and the dog’s striking features – a pair of thick black eyebrow immediately captured netizens attention.¬†The dark colour casts a contrast to the rest of its light fur, and the animal has caught netizens attention.


Credit : Oriental Daily

Experts from the shelter believe that the stray dog had some Husky in its ancestors and the ‘eyebrows’ are an indication of this lineage.

The pictures of the dog went viral after the volunteers from them shelter uploaded them and 5 days after the dog was at shelter a woman named Oksana  decided to adopt it .

Credit : Oriental Daily

She said: “I am the happiest owner of the coolest dog ever. She knows a few commands- sit, come here and stay.”

Credit : Oriental Daily

She added: “I got a bunch of toys for her. She sleeps on the bed.”

This week Oksana plans to make an appointment with the vet in order to have an estimate of doggie’s age.

Dogs are always Men Best Friend ! We are happy for you too little furry kid , hopefully you will live happily with your new owner!

Source : Oriental Daily