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Is Cecilia Cheung Back Together With Her Baby’s Daddy?

Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse divorced in 2012, She is then focused on raising their two sons, Lucas and Quintus. But ,Last year she surprised everyone when she gave birth to her third son, Marcus,  which she never revealed the father’s identity.

Credit : QQ

There were speculations that she broke up with the man since his name was not included on Marcus’s birth certificate, but a recent IG story that she posted left us room for imagination.

Credit : Sohu

Cecilia shared a photo of Marcus when he was still a newborn on social media for the first time in October. At first ,She was quite reluctant to talk about Marcus, but somehow she has been slowly open up after he turned one .

Credit : Today Online

In a IG story that she uploaded on 15 Nov, a baby’s voice was heard clearly in the background calling “Daddy”. It was speculated that Marcus was talking to his dad, and that Cecilia has reconciled with mystery man, most likely the father of Marcus.

Credit : Netease

Soon after that, Cecilia also posted a Tiktok video on instagram, in which she said, “You need to make me happy and your heart should have only me!” In the video, there were captions that said, “You can only spoil me, can you do it?”

Those words sound demanding, haha.. But, It’s not her own words.It’s actually from her movie, The Lion Roars, where she plays a demanding wife. However, fans speculated that the lyrics were meant for her baby’s daddy.

Source : QQ | Netease | Sohu