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[Video] Godfrey Gao’s Last Scene While Filming In the Set

Geofrey’s family, friends and his fans are shocked and heartbroken to hear of his untimely passing. While, everyone is mourning on his passing. There was a 15 sec video on his last scene while he is filming a reality show ” Chase Me” middle of the night in Ningbo, China.

Witnesses said that Godfrey was allegedly heard repeatedly saying, “I can’t go on anymore” before he collapsed during filming.

According to Taiwan News, the 35-year-old actor had apparently died of a heart attack.

News sources on Weibo also reported that the actor had been filming on set for 17 hours straight, before he collapsed.

Credit : BBC

He started filming the show at 8:30am on Nov. 26, and worked until Nov. 27, 1:45am, when he collapsed.

The post also added that he had been down with flu the day before the filming started, but was feeling fine on the day of filming.

Fans are extremely sad looking back at this video and beg him not to run anymore..Heartbreaking 😭

Source : Youtube | Taiwan News